This blog has had a number of purposes over the years, and most recently its purpose has been to sit there unattended feeling lonely and sorry for itself! Originally I created it as a forum to publish the Open Simulator regions I had put together using items I had found around OSGrid in the main. I didn’t pay much attention to content ownership at that time – the message I got from the people I spoke to was mainly that there isn’t much great content available as those who make it, do so with the knowledge it will be copied everywhere so if they don’t want people to do that they don’t put it into Open Simulator. It didn’t take me too long to realise that this was a naive view and I should care more about what I get from where – especially for items I then passed on to others.

Anyway, I digress! This was my primary purpose for this site, but over time it became a more personal forum for gender related issues as I identify as bi-gender. This site, and Open Simulator and Second Life all helped me cope with a very difficult stage in my life when I was constantly confused, often hurting, and mostly feeling totally alone and isolated. This has settled down to a point where I don’t really think of it anymore more of the time – I am just who I am. I am comfortable in myself knowing I am somewhat different and that’s ok.

At some point I stopped making personal posts and was going to go back to using the site just for publishing things I did. I moved the name of the site to and changed who I posted as. It wasn’t long though before I reversed this and moved back to this being Jessica’s blog.

This is really where we are now. I stopped posted really when I was in Second Life for a while and while I made (or at least started) several draft posts, I never posted anything. My last post was really at the height of Second Life for me. It is possible I posted after that but I don’t think so. My uncertainty lies in me only finding a database backup from the time of the last post so if I posted anything after that – its gone now. I think though I just stopped posting so this was the last post.

Since that last post a lot of things have changed. I got bored with Second Life (or rather bored with the limitations of land cost and prim allowances) and moved to several different Open Simulator grids, went back to Second Life twice, and most recently Metropolis and Great Canadian Grid.

At the moment, my plans are to play what comes around. I cannot be in world as often as I used to, so time commitments are difficult so I will just see what happens and play accordingly. I will use this blog for whatever comes to mind.

This means you can expect everything and anything on this blog.
There may be rants, product postings, reviews, opinion, gender issues, sex issues, and lastly opinion. Yes, a double dose of opinion – this is MY blog and I will post my opinion without any qualms!

Oh lastly, sorry there is no chocolate in this post… I lied!

About this blog, this time now, this author, and chocolate!