Many games – especially MMOs have a form of “costume” or other mechanism for people to “dress up” their characters. Wow has transmogrification where you can make an item of gear look like another item of gear.

In Final Fantasy XIV they call the system “Glamour” and in effect it works similarly (but not as simply) as the WoW transmogrification system. Of course clothing in FFXIV looks better than WoW gear anyway – so that by itself makes it a better system.

FFXIV also has the ability to dye certain items so there is a complete end game revolving around creating collectable gear and applying dyes. The system is actually a little complicated and overly convoluted in many ways but it does work.

One example is a feathered hat that I obtained as part of a class/job quest line. It is not able to be dyed so it’s use when building a new set of glamour is limited. However, you can take the item and an “upgrade” item to a vendor and replace your item with an “Augmented” version that is the same in every respect but can now have dye applied.

A lot can be done to change the look of your character with the glamour system in FFXIV but due to the fact that one character can play all classes to gear will only be equitable when you are in the appropriate class. This means if you are currently playing a class that identifies as a “Disciple of Magic”, you cannot wear items that are for a “Disciple of War”. This means you cannot use armour from multiple classes in the same glamour or no-one will be able to reflect that look upon their gear (even though you are not actually wearing the arm or when applying the glamour – you do have to be ABLE to wear it.

Level restrictions, class restrictions, or even gender restrictions will affect what you can display as glamour.

I decided I wanted my second character to have a pink theme (surprising for me no?) so I started looking at what I could construct for my main class – Bard. To start with – here is a more basic look of the character taken some weeks (and some levels) ago:

Sitting in my treehouse a while back

I spend a few hundred thousand gil (in game currency) to get some items to make my new glamour with (and also some items to change the feather colour on my chocobo to match and this is the result (click on thumbnails for full size gallery)

Of course that by itself isn’t quite enough – I have to “pink up” the house too so with that in mind… here is the current external look of our Free Company house:

Of course, I am also levelling my White Mage – and she will need another glamour as she cant wear the same gear the Bard does (even though it’s the same character – once she changes specialism she no longer knows how to wear certain gear……..)