As is my way, I have not updated this site for a long time.   In fact I deleted it a couple of months ago – and only just reinstated it now from backups.  Actually I even deleted backups when I took it down as I had no intention of using it again.   However as my backup system gives unlimited versioning of backups online – I found I could just go back to a time before I deleted the backup – and there it was again!

During this time, I have pretty much left Open Simulator alone.   I do still have my regions that were on Metro, but I now have them on a private grid on an ESXi Virtual Server that is not even powered up.   I have them there – and if I want them I can access them but generally they will be left powered down as I don’t use them.

I don’t much go to Second Life either – I think I have logged in about 3-4 times in the last couple months.  My virtual presence has pretty much gone.

Personally (and this is very personal – but that’s what I consider this blog for) I have finally taken the plunge and ordered myself some adult nappies (diapers for you US people).  I have always been interested in this and wetting so I am looking forward to trying these when they arrive in the next couple of days.    I have marked this post as “Adult” but this isn’t really even a sexual thing.  I mostly just find the idea incredibly comforting.

In addition to this a few weeks ago I had to make a trip to a nearby town but due to sudden snow – the 30-40 min journey ended up taking over 2 and half hours!   I started to need to pee about 15 mins into the journey and while I did not “burst” – I definitely leaked significantly on my journey.   My jeans were pretty wet – but not soaked when I got there.  Fortunately they were black jeans and not easy to see but when I finally managed to get to a store with a bathroom I was VERY aware of walking past people with wet pants!

Although the idea of being forced to wet myself did have a certain amount of excitement to it – I did think it would be good to prepare for this.   I am planning to keep some nappies hidden away in my car where if the worst happens to traffic – if I can get off the road to a service station where I can go to a bathroom – I can put one on to save any embarrassment (providing I havent already leaked by the time I can get to a bathroom!).   I have ordered some pull ups and all in ones (traditional disposable nappies).   I think the all in ones will be better to keep in the car as they can potentially be put on without getting undressed completely – and therefore easier to put on in a service station bathroom.  Of course, I will have to give both types a complete testing to see how they feel when used – which I am totally looking forward to!

I have also thought about having one of my Second Life avatars wearing nappies which would be interesting talking point probably.  I am not sure what to do with her though.   As I say I am not really talking about anything sexual – but I am not sure about wear nappies in PG areas.

Basically then – that’s it for me at the moment.   Getting into something I have wanted to for a while – not doing anything in OS, not doing much in SL but considering it.