Front view of green shuttered house

I have been making my houses available free of charge for some time now.  My latest is a weathered wooden house with two colours and multiple options.

The house consists of a main building with front and rear steps, and a selection of 4 different extensions that fit behind the main house.  With the extension fitted there is also a patio area with a pool that slots in the space between the house and extension.

Various extensions can be added to the house

Enclosed Patio with Pool

A great deal of flexibility can be achieved with this design, but the one downside to it is that when I built it I worked at a scale that made the house much larger than some people will want.   The doors in fact were twice as high as an average avatar.

With this in mind I have made a smaller version of the buildings and reset the door scripts.

Small single room building available with smaller version of house

If you pick up the package of this house now from the Clutterfly region of discovery grid, you will find all versions of the house – original and smaller version.  With each you will get the blue and green shutter versions, and all four extensions.   You will also get the steams and patio area in two sizes together with pool water.

Blue Shutter version – front view

Rear deck area

Large main living area – bedroom kitchen and bathrooms are off this room

Upstairs there is a wide mezzanine level with two more bedrooms