Life is full of change.  It is what defines us.   Change can make us stronger, or it can destroy our soul.   Change is one of the constants of the universe (however weird that sounds!).  Sometimes it comes with a strong emotional event.  It can make us sad or happy.  Sometimes however change is just “fun” and nothing more.

Once again, I have moved grids.  While I am still present on Great Canadian Grid, I really do not have much time to be online so I gave up my region.   At the same time  my best friend Linda Kellie expanded onto Discovery Grid.  She still has her store with Kristin Nightfire (Fairy Dreams) in Great Canadian Grid but they have now expanded their store onto Discovery Grid and Linda has let me have some space on one of her regions there.

I have my prefabs available in both places – and I have Linda to thank for making them known in both grids (   Please help yourself to these free prefabs.  I reserve the right to sell future houses, but these ones will always remain free.   I plan on making more and making a home area in Disvovery Grid.

My time hasnt grown more flexible though, I seem to only managed to get online for about a couple of hours, once or twice a week.   It’s just hard for me to get online at the moment unfortunately.   This doesn’t mean I am “giving up” OpenSim though – just vastly reduced.

My current plans are to build houses (when I get time) and make a nice home area.   I would love to “live” in OS again but I don’t know if I will have time.  So many things I would do if time wasnt the issue.

I don’t know where this road will take me, life is an adventure so live it looking forward to the future.

Moving on again…..