For me, the words heat and action probably should never be in the same sentence.  While others are running to the beach (if close enough) or other sun traps, I am wondering how I can keep cool.   I am just not “built” to enjoy the sun and prefer to just sit as still as possible with as many fans pointed at me as I can!

Sure I like to look out and see a bright sunny day, I don’t even mind being in it – so long as it isn’t HOT.   There is nothing that saps my energy as much as being too hot.

Sleeping is difficult.   I like the comfort of my duvet over me, and my supportive body pillow between my knees and cuddled up to my chest.  I feel like something’s missing if I don’t have these things.   In the hot weather though, I have to sleep naked on the top of my duvet with a fan faced toward me.   Sometimes I have to wear bedsocks though because while all the rest of me is FAR too hot, my feet feel cold and ache!   Of course it’s more difficult to fall asleep when feeling like you have no air and are too warm, and even more so when you don’t have the comforts (duvet etc) you are used to sleeping with.   It takes longer to fall to sleep.  That’s not the end of it though.  Of course it gets colder during the night – not cold but colder.   However it is often cold enough to wake me up and then I put the duvet over me…. and then that’s too warm…. and then I take it off again… and then I’m too cold….. so I go turn my fan off….. so then I’m too warm without the fan even naked on top of the bed.    I toss and turn for a couple of hours and then fall asleep about an hour before I need to get up for work.

I almost forgot….. Being over-tired because of not sleeping properly seems to make me more sensitive to the heat so another rollercoaster ride of joy!

I was thinking about this while walking into the City this lunchtime.  It was sunny but not too hot.  When I came back to the office I did some googling and found a few interesting sites.  One is called “15 things you only know if you hate hot weather” (  I can definitely sympathise with most of these!   This one at made me laugh too.

People who love the sun probably can’t understand the difficulties of those of us they just cannot deal with it.  Believe me, I would love to love the sun, I just can’t.    Just as one of those articles said, I DO find myself checking the forecast and planning as much as I can.  Do I have enough cold drinks in my fridge?  What can I do that confines me to my room so I can just spend as much time naked in front of a fan as possible?

Just a rant really – but I can see the hot weather coming and its only early/mid May…….