I’ve decided to go for a Faerie look at the moment.   I won’t use this all the time – but I love the whole Faerie theme, and I’ve gone for a more “naughty” Fae look without wearing much (or anything).  My new Random World in Great Canadian Grid is going to have a Faerie and Fantasy theme.  As it’s going to be clothing optional and as I love showing off, here are my latest snapshots!

Not really much to say about these, they speak for themselves.   I find this liberating to be honest, and now I have accepted that I really will not have time to devote to being Miss to another submissive as my online time is too limited, I don’t need to worry about anything making me look less dominant.  I can look as I please and anyone who says otherwise can say what they like….. I won’t be listening.    I have my fingers in my ears in a very mature way and singing “lalalalalalalalala”……


A new look (virtual nudity)

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