Introducing the Amazon Echo Look.  This is the latest addition to the Amazon Echo line powered by Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant.   It is interesting because now for the first time Alexa can listen to you and watch you.

With the Echo the device constantly listens to everything that goes on, and keeps 2 mins (I believe) in its buffer that is constantly being overwritten.   This is so it can recognise the “Alexa” wakeup call, and keep track of conversations you may have with it.   Will the camera have anything similar?   Will the camera be able to record you even for a moment when you do not know it?  What about apps developed by Third parties that are somehow approved and enabled on the device?   Is there any possibility (however remote) that someone could “hack into” the Amazon Echo Look and access the video feed when you are not watching?

The very fact that it’s designed and marketed for looking at what you are wearing means that it’s incredibly likely you would be getting dressed in view of it, so the potential for embarrassment could be large!

I have to admit though, there is a certain voyeuristic (or exhibitionist?) appeal to the idea of having a camera facing you that you do not know “for sure” is safe.   That slight uncertainty that someone may see you can be quite scary, and that scary can be exciting.   It makes you feel a little vulnerable and that can be appealing to some (it is sometimes to me).   This is interesting to me as feeling vulnerable is a submissive trait and I do not feel submissive.  I tried it, and I failed!  I like to be in control too much.  I think with this though it’s maybe more of the fact of the uncertainty.   You do not know for certain…. although you are pretty sure that no-one is watching.   The fact that if someone IS watching, you have no idea who it is, means you are not really submitting to anyone so it seems different.  It is still a weird feeling though.

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe most people will either simply be horrified about the idea of a camera potentially watching them, or maybe some will simply love having another social media outlet “Hey, look at my outfit for today!”.   I am somewhere in between I guess.

I think if I am honest, I would be totally fine with an “intelligent”  camera watching me all day and potentially conversational with me.   What about if you are just getting on with what you need to do, changing clothes and the device suddenly chimes up with “Hey, nice ass!” or “Sexy panties!”  would that be scary, boring, or just plain weird?  Having said that I might even be ok with that but the big question is, where is that data stored, and how is it processed?  Is that locally dealt with (on the device itself) or is it processed by an external service?  How secure is that external servce and WHO has access to that data?  Do I TRUST this service?

With the original Echo Dot I currently have I have decided I probably DONT trust the service, but as it is just voice data I am not really worried.  I am not going to be discussing illegal things where it can hear (or anywhere else actually), so I am not worried about that.   I guess the worst possibility would be recording more personal sounds.  So bluntly, what if it records the sound of an orgasm or something personal like that?  Honestly I don’t care, it’s not something that is easily going to be associated with me by any real person and if it means that someone, somewhere gets to learn I might have an orgasm…… big news?   With a camera, the question of if I trust the service becomes more important (maybe) as I may care more if I don’t trust them.   Well its the same people, so no, I don’t trust them.   Do I care?

What about if I thought there was a possibility of a real person looking at that video feed?  Am I as accepting?    Honestly, I believe I would be ok with it if I was sure it would NOT be seen by anyone I know.    If people get to watch the video feed of me, then to be honest, if they choose to watch it then they deserve what they get!   I guess the worry would be that the feed is passed along till someone I know DOES see it!


Amazon Echo Look: Let “Alexa” tell you what to wear?

4 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Look: Let “Alexa” tell you what to wear?

  • May 3, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    I just don’t kniw how i feel about this. It kind of screams ” Big Brother” to me.

    • May 3, 2017 at 2:15 pm

      Kniw = know. That’s what happens when I post from my telephone LOL.

    • May 3, 2017 at 2:57 pm

      Oh I agree. At least potentially. At the moment the device is only available in the US, and also only available via “invitation”. You can register your interest but only if Amazon invite you to purchase can you do so. I believe this is because they are not sure of the reception of the item and want to limit the fallout if it is badly received.

      it certainly makes for interesting watching to see what happens with this though. In THEORY the device only takes a photo when you ask it to and it shows it on your app. the fact that it gets to your app on your phone however means it comes from the device back to Amazon, then sent to your phone – so Amazon’s computers DO process the image. What do they do with it?

      Every time it takes a photo or video the LED lights come on to to shine light on the subject (you) so you always know when the camera is active. Or do you? The fact that the lights always come on – means you dont worry when they are off, but do you KNOW its not still recording silently?

      To be honest, this is all just scaremongering (probably) its unlikely that the camera is ever recording without you knowing it, and its unlikely that anyone at Amazon or anywhere else SEES your images. Still it will definitely worry some people.

      Apart from anything else some people would worry that someone like the NSA would force/cut a deal with Amazon to put a back door into the system so they could in effect have instant bugs in the houses of anyone with the device.

      I think many people would find the idea of the NSA watching them do whatever, more scary than they would the idea of some random person getting access to their camera and perving on them!

      • May 3, 2017 at 6:26 pm

        Oh I don’t know. I don’t care of the NSA is watching me. Mainly because I know that I have nothing to hide in that aspect and they couldn’t care less about me. 🙂
        Another concern though is right now if I buy anything or even look at anything on Amazon I start getting ad’s for that sort of item in my emails and skype window and on general sites that I visit. So if you send of the picture of your wardrobe to see what the consulting software says about it does that software pick up your likes and dislikes and style and start sending you ads? Or maybe they even pick up on something in the background (a box of crackers on the counter behind you) and start sending you ads for similar or corresponding products (spray cheese, cracker keeper container)?

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