Notice:  This page will be updated when I can be bothered (no holding breaths please!) Jessica’s Random Ramblings (previously known as Jessica Random’s Random Ramblings) is having a new look.  Do not adjust your sets, the picture will settle down eventually once I decide on a new theme! This site has gone through a lot of changes over the years but for now its purpose will be my voice for anything I want to talk about.  It will not be a Second Life site, It will not be an Open Simulator site, it will simply be whatever I want to talk about in as frank a manner as I feel like – no holds barred. As such I should put a disclaimer that this site may contain a wide variety of subject matter and may not always be appropriate for younger audiences.  My mind is not always the cleanest place, so you have been warned! In world I am now living in Discovery Grid (Web:  –  HG:  and while I cannot be online as much as I would like, I am enjoying my time there.   Feel free to look me up there if you are there. Go to my blog!